CLE To Guide Your Practice and Fit Your Needs

Tennessee Justice Programs offers two-day programs in Knoxville, Nashville, and Memphis.

Each program provides the fifteen (15) hours required annual CLE and includes five (5) hours of ethics/professionalism/dual credit. You may register for both days (15 hours), one and a half days (11 hours), one day (7.5 hours), or one-half day (4 hours).

We strive to provide the highest quality education programs available for Tennessee lawyers in an engaging and interactive format.

Two factors enable Tennessee Justice Programs to meet this goal.

Qualified And Diverse Faculty

First, Tennessee Justice Programs is comprised of a uniquely qualified and diverse faculty, including a retired judge with 25 years of trial and appellate experience, a highly-acclaimed Tennessee trial lawyer, and an educator who has taught judges and lawyers across the country.

Focus On Legal Trends And Developments

Second, Tennessee Justice Programs is committed to providing cutting-edge legal education programs, rather than simply reviewing cases. The interactive program will focus on trends and developments for lawyers and practical ethical problems that confront the practitioner.

Prior Seminar Attendees Are Saying:

“If you are a Tort Litigator, this seminar is a must.  In depth review and analysis of current cases on evidence, procedure and substantive law.  The ethics presentation will make you stop and think.  Not just lectures, but rather a thought provoking format that holds your attention." 

H. Dennis Jarvis, Jr., Attorney, Knoxville


“Just five minutes into the Ethics seminar I realized that this seminar is unlike any I have ever attended. No clock-watching that day. . . . It was interesting, creative, informative and best of all, enjoyable. Really enjoyable. When’s the last time you said that about a CLE program?"

Judith Fain, Johnson City


“It’s a good thing for Jay Leno that the Penny, Joe, and John Show does not go head to head with him every night. Their seminar is crafted in such a way as to make the learning aspect easy but also humorous."

David Caywood, Memphis


“There is no place to get your ethics hours other than Tennessee Justice Programs. White & Riley dish out a gumbo of hot ethics issues and then open the floor to a no-holds-barred debate among lawyers from all walks of the profession. Tennessee Justice Programs’ ethics is not a spoon-fed “That shalt not this…Thou shalt not that…" seminar, but a wide open “white hot" debate on timely ethics issues…."

Robert Jessee, Johnson City


“An excellent program generally, but truly outstanding regarding the more challenging, evolving areas of practice."

Sam Jones, Chattanooga