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Torts “ Evidence “ Ethics: The Cutting Edge Review

Course Overview

Justice Programs offers two-day programs in Knoxville, Nashville, and Memphis. Each program provides the fifteen (15) hours required CLE and includes four (4) hours of ethics/professionalism/dual credit on Friday afternoon. You may register for both days (15 hours), one and a half days (11 hours), one day (7.5 hours) or one-half day (4 hours).

Tort Law / Comparative Fault “ John Day

John's review of the most recent tort and comparative fault opinions will give you an up-to-the-minute picture of the current state of the law in this practice area.  John will offer an analysis of emerging trends, and how those trends can (and will) affect your practice going forward.

U.S. Supreme Court Review “ Joe Riley

Joe reviews the significant U. S. Supreme Court opinions during the 2013-14 term.  His review is not so much from an academic perspective, but rather from a practical perspective of what every Tennessee lawyer should know about our Supreme Court.  He also examines the judicial philosophies of the various justices in an effort to explain current rulings and determine the future of the court.

The Best Opinion Money Can Buy: Introducing and Limiting Expert Testimony in the World of Dr. Know it All - Penny White

In this session using scenes from real trials, participants will discuss the uses and abuses of expert testimony in state and federal courts.

Significant Recent Cases/Legislation “ Penny White, Joe Riley  

Penny reviews the significant decisions in the areas of civil procedure, employment law, family law, workers' compensation, estates and property. Joe summarizes recently enacted state legislation.

A Trial Lawyer's Dreams¦and Nightmares: From Complaint through Trial - Penny White, Joe Riley

In this interactive session using a responder system, Penny and Joe take a hypothetical scenario from the complaint through trial, posing numerous problems faced by lawyers.  What common problems do we face in depositions, dealing with procedural issues, preparing for and going to trial?  The session promises to be entertaining and informative.

Ethics:   Understanding and Following the Tennessee's Rules of Professional Conduct “ Penny White, Joe Riley

Joe and Penny take a no-holds-barred look at various ethical and professionalism issues confronting the Tennessee lawyer.  This interactive presentation is based upon hypothetical scenarios that require resolution through the application of the Rules of Professional Conduct.  It is a thought-provoking examination of the nature of our profession and your responsibilities to both serve your client and promote our system of justice.

Ethics: The Questions We Want Answered “ Penny White, Joe Riley

In the final hour, Penny and Joe give you the opportunity to submit the most difficult ethics/professionalism questions you want answered. They will also explore previously submitted questions from inquisitive lawyers from other parts of the state. This is an interactive session with possible solutions to these dilemmas being provided by other participants at the seminar.